Sales Motor Flowmotor – Improve sales team performance with the Job Scorecard

A Job Scorecard and especially a Sales Job Scorecard is a great tool for keeping your sales representatives accountable. The Job Scorecard also helps to identifiy top performers and to create a healthy competition.

The parts of the Job Scorecard – core values, responsibilities, competencies and outcomes (KPIs) – describe what a sales representative must accomplish. These parts provide a clear linkage to the companies strategy. A key to success in using the Job Scorecard in sales is to identify the right metrics (key performance indicators). You will find a Job Scorecard template for a sales representative here.

The Job Scorecard not only tracks the performance of each individual sales people, but it also aggregates the scores on team, division or company level. Your Team Scorecard gives you an overview of all sales teams and lets you identify your best sales people. In the image below, Flowmotor lists the team performance and lets you drill down to the scores of each sales representative.

Team Scorecard (including KPIs)

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