Job Scorecard Template: Sales Representative

It is important to attract and hire the right sales representative with the right job description. The basis for a good job description is the Job Scorecard – the theoretical definition of an A Player. The Job Scorecard is not only the blueprint for your hiring process. The scorecard is the basis for the hiring process and serves as a continuous improvement tool during the ongoing learning process.

Team Scorecard - Sales

A good starting point for the Job Scorecard is a sales team. For most of the sales teams there already exist clear and measurable objectives.

Job Scorecard Template: Sales Representative

Job Mission

  • Acquisition of new customers by telephone.
  • Preparation of tailor-made offers including follow-up and after-sales service.
  • Establishment of long-term customer relationships through intensive telephone support.

Living Our Core Values

  • Our clients expect us to respond to their questions and concerns quickly. Getting back to our clients promptly is one way we demonstrate our sensitivity to their issues and how much we care about them.
  • We are not arrogant nor do we treat people differently than how we would like to be treated. We are always respectful of everyone.
  • We deliver quality and excellence in all we do.

Key Reponsibilities

  • Develop a deep understanding on how the solutions meet customers needs
  • Introduce new product lines
  • Build strong client relationships
  • Find potential new clients

Leadership and Expected Behavior

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Excellent accuracy skills
  • Personal integrity

Knowledge and Technical Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3-5 years in sales
  • Product knowledge
  • Handling CRM system

Expected Outcome (KPIs)

  • Number of calls (week) :: 250
  • Orders (month) :: 10
  • Number of offers (month) :: 50
  • Sales per month :: tbd

Job Scorecard - Sales Representative

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