Now is the time for strategic thinking and action!

With the COVID-19 crisis, two of the most common strategy execution challenges are:

  • Change and adapt strategies more quickly
  • Create better results, faster

The Lean Hoshin Kanri methodology and especially the Hoshin Planning Matrix is the perfect tool to adapt to dynamic circumstances. When COVID-19 is putting the brakes on your strategic projects you are able to agilely adapt your plan. And you can speed up again when the crisis is over or when you are seeing new opportunities.

Look at the matrix from the inside out. Start with priority 1, discuss with the leadership team

Hoshin Planning Matrix Example

Hoshin Planning Matrix Example

  • Is the plan still feasible?
  • What else can we afford?
  • Where can we cut back?
  • What can no longer be financed is stopped.
  • We implement what is absolutely necessary!

Then continue until priority n. Make course adjustments quickly to achieve the desired end outcomes. One week is enough time to adapt the plan.

Lean Hoshin Kanri has proven its worth in previous crises. For example, Dr. Christian Artmann has successfully used the hoshin matrix multiple times in 2009.

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Thanks to Christian Artmann – one of the leading German Hoshin Kanri experts – for an inspiring discussion on this topic yesterday.