Flowmotor Starter Pack 2018 (English Version)

Everything you need to work with the Flowmotor Job Scorecard. ( Hier geht es zur Deutschen Version. )

Flowmotor „Starter Pack 2018″

  • Flowmotor SaaS application for a team of 5 users
  • You get the Flowmotor SaaS application free (no charge) for three months
  • Promotion: plus 25 extra „People Accounts“ for team members to use the Job Scorecard and the task tracker
  • 1 day Flowmotor Consulting for Setup, Training, and Support

Package price for the first year: 999 EUR (plus VAT within Germany) / 1145 US Dollar

Click here to order your package: https://shop.a3flow.com/?add-to-cart=781

Click here for PDF with more details.

Price per month after 12 months, Flowmotor SaaS application for a team of 5 users (plus 25 extra „People Accounts“ for free)
with 20% discount for the first 36 months: 156,30 EUR (plus VAT within Germany) / 179.15 US Dollar

This offer is valid until December 31st, 2018.