Governance & Accountability: Die Unternehmensstrategie kann auf alle Abteilungen unter Berücksichtigung von Hierachie und Verantwortlichkeiten kaskadiert werden.

Hoshin Planning Matrix

The X-Matrix connects the four quadrants of growth: 1. Strategic Objectives, 2. Annual Ojectives, 3. Improvement Priorities, 4. Success Indicators.

Core feature of the X-Matrix is the correlation table – the linkage table between the elements of the strategic plan. The accountability correlation between priority and team member has been defined in the strategic plan.

The Hoshin Matrix Health Score provides real time progress, plan, and forecast information.










Implementation and Control
Departments, roles and responsibilities may be separated and assigned to different persons to enable the expected level of accountability and governance.

The strategic plan cascades the corporate strategy across the whole organization.










Health Score

Using algorithms based on agile estimation principles and historical data gathered during its use, Flowmotor delivers predictions for potential delays and calculates live health scores.