Flowmotor Strategy Execution Platform

Make a good team great.

Make the most of your corporate strategy every day.

Get planning, progress tracking, and forecasting in real time.

Flowmotor is the strategy execution platform. For a successful implementation of the strategic goals and visions, the competence of the organization and its employees, the distribution of responsibilities and responsibilities as well as transparency from planning to progress and goal achievement at all levels are essential. With agile methods, lean management and also gamification elements Flowmotor helps the management team and all those involved in the implementation to remain focused and to bring the company forward. One example is Hoshin Kanri (also known as Policy Deployment): “The big idea – align company goals (Strategy) with the plans of middle management (Tactics) and work performed by employees (Operations) to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction at the same time”. (leanproduction.com). In addition, Flowmotor offers enough flexibility to map other process models, such as the Gazelles One-Page-Strategic-Plan, the Hoshin Planning Matrix or the OKR methodology.


Job Scorecard
NEW: People / Job Scorecard
The Job Scorecard supports recruiting and employee development: Definition of roles, positions and competencies to achieve business goals. Filling positions with appropriate employees or candidates. Offer career prospects and opportunities for professional development. Conduct regular development interviews with the team members. Document the agreement on objectives. Review the achievement of objectives.





Hoshin Planning Matrix
Hoshin Planning Matrix
The X-Matrix connects the four quadrants of growth: 1. Strategic Objectives, 2. Annual Ojectives, 3. Improvement Priorities, 4. Success Indicators.

Core feature of the X-Matrix is the correlation table – the linkage table between the elements of the strategic plan. The accountability correlation between priority and team member has been defined in the strategic plan.

The Hoshin Matrix Health Score provides real time progress, plan, and forecast information.


A3 Strategic Plan
Implementation and Control
Departments, roles and responsibilities may be separated and assigned to different persons to enable the expected level of accountability and governance.

The strategic plan cascades the corporate strategy across the whole organization.




Health Score
Health Score
Using algorithms based on agile estimation principles and historical data gathered during its use, Flowmotor delivers predictions for potential delays and calculates live health scores.






Daily Huddle
Teamwork / Daily Huddle
The Daily Huddle Board supports daily standups with status information about  the activities of each team member. What was done yesterday? What’s on the to do list. Do we have to remove impediments?




The taskboard shows a list of tasks. In the standard view, this is the daily schedule. In other views, these can be the tasks of a team, a project or even a milestone.







The dashboard displays the company’s current activity in the social view. On the upper right are the three most important tasks of the daily schedule and the upcoming milestones.

On the lower right there  is a first preview of the new gamification features.






Product Demo




Health Score

    The health score calculates – similar to a navigation device – the expected arrival date of milestones, initiatives and priorities in real time.


    The corporate strategy can be cascaded across the whole organisation. Departments, roles and responsibilities may be separated and assigned to different persons to enable the expected level of accountability and governance.


    The product is designed to be customizable in terms of customer-specific UI, metadata, workflows and integrations.


    All customer data is completely historized.

Data Protection

    The operation of the Flowmotor application is carried out in compliance with technical and organizational security measures in accordance with the German Data Protection Act, according to recognized standards and best practices on own hardware, and at sites that enable compliance with German Data Privacy Laws.


    Flowmotor is available in English, Spanish, and German.