Empower People to Develop Your Business

Flowmotor can help your people grow professionally and develop to their full potential.

What's Next? ABC Talent Matrix

Keep the good people in the company and help them to become even better.
Develop all of your people to the top right corner.

Structure your teams and positions in your individual org chart.

All teams (plus all positions in the team) are organized in a hierarchical tree or chart.
Create your own and individual organizational chart.

Define all positions by using standardized job descriptions.

Every job description is defined with the purpose of this role, the job mission.
The job description is well structured by four categories: 1) key responsibilities, 2) leadership and expected behavior, 3) knowledge and technical skills, 4) expected outcome.

Match the right candidate to the right position.

Compare the evaluation criteria defined in the job description with the skills of each individual candidate.
Then find the best match for this position out of all of your candidates.

Establish a continuous performance development with your experts.

Use the DMAIC cycle- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control - as an continuous improvement tool.
Develop the performance of your experts.

Run regular one-on-one meetings with your experts.

The one-on-one meeting is guided by the job description.
Prepare with self-assessment and external assessment for the meeting.
Give feedback, agree and sign the results.
Keep track on development of an individual with the Job Scorecard.
Keep track on development of a team with the Team Scorecard.

Statement by a leader: “My people are my EXPERTS, not employees!