Empower and develop your people

Flowmotor can help your people grow professionally and develop to their full potential.


  • Job (role) descriptions
  • Multiple evaluation categories
  • Match candidate profiles with job description
  • Close the gap between current skill set and targets of a position
  • Run one on one meetings guided by Job Scorecard
  • Set new goals
  • Keep track on development of an individual
  • Keep track on development of a team


The Flowmotor Job Scorecard is a tool for planning, structuring, execution and documentation of employee reviews. The Job Scorecard is used to document target agreements as well as the interview which are then signed by both participants. The requirements and results are specified precisely so that an employee can always be sure of what is expected of him. The Job Scorecard also serves as a coaching instrument to identify potential for development and improvement. In addition the Job Scorecard is ideally suited to be used already in interviews with candidates.